About Us


Micro Fastenings Ltd is a UK based company established as a specialist global distributor offering technical solutions for all small diameter threaded fastenings requirements.

The company was formed by MD Steve Craven, who has dedicated experience and unsurpassed product and application knowledge within the micro diameter field.

Steve was formerly MD of Microscrews & Tools Ltd



Micro Fastenings Ltd has associate manufacturing capability in Asia who produce in excess of 200 million parts per month. The factories are specialist in their own right, who continue to re-invest to maintain the most modern plant and machinery for the specific and specialised field of micro diameter screw production.



The business philosophy of Micro Fastenings Ltd is simple. To offer quality solutions, with quality product, with quality service. Micro Fastenings Ltd believes that good communication with its customers and factory is vital to its continued success. The selection of suppliers is very strict. A business is only as good as its supplier’s, therefore strict assessment is made of all aspects of quality.



Micro Fastenings Ltd has a continued programme of developing products and re investing in new product ranges